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Longest starcraft game

longest starcraft game

The concept overall is to create a "canon" of Starcraft 2 games. Mana vs Firecake not sure if still the longest game ever, but it's right up. Make sure to subscribe for more great gaming content. ▷ Subscribe | http://www. ek-sparer.de. starcraft. subscribeunsubscribe, readers. users here now . Although not a professional game, Ein vs 10x on the Chinese ladder. I get that it's not everybody's cup of tea, especially after a day of intense games beforehand, but I went home and watched the vod of that game with hilarious commentary this time the whole way through immediately after work. Edit Promote Share to Kinja Toggle Conversation tools Go to permalink. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Kinja is in read-only mode. But no, not the longest. However, sheer longevity meant that some units got amazing kills. Imagine a internet disconnect.

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It might be really interesting to incorporate some games that set the meta for their respective matchup. Such a great memory. Mkp ends up to kill his own army to get free supply. The only foreigner being able to compete with koreans at that time. Losing Faith and Reigniting the Fire. The lack of teching was a function of this sort of game. It was the flash player for dolphin time a Korean professional stuntman spiele actually went out of his way to call out an imbalance publicly, casino slowenien title eventually going to Https://maryhaven.com/onemorechance/events/reynoldsburg-gamblers-anonymous/ because of that imbalance the first true Patch Zerg. Gfinity Elite Series - Season 1. ESEA Premier Demo slot book of ra deluxe 25 - AU. Not only was he a huge underdog at a time where Life was considered among the very best but the game merkur magie spiele was so back and forth that it's stuck in my mind family guy das spiel. San plays https://www.tab.co.nz/help/responsible-gambling/gambling-help.html best macro PvZ we've seen to date, outclassing Nestea in every which poker hand percentages calculator. While I am certain those delphin palace renovierung 2017 there that are using abusive strategies like mass raven or swarm host static turtle are not doing it to show Blizzard they need to be changed. Hyperionnn Profile Blog Joined September I ended up taking almost every other base in the map and after a few failed attempts to break the line, he took some of his forces to go kill my extra bases and I was able to push through and it turned into a base race, which I won thanks to destiny-style infinite spine walls thanks to my metric ton of resources. Hyperionnn Profile Blog Joined September Turkey Posts Last Edited: Wow so that was an ace match? The clock read 3: Heroes Global Championship League Discussion HotS:

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Firecake vs. Mana - Longest Game in Professional Starcraft 2 History? - WCS Challenger - Group G US Politics Mega-thread Dating, how's your luck? WP and Funny Moments [HGC] Western Clash 2 Power Rankings Simple Questions, Simple Answers [HotS] Bloodlust I've been in similar situations and it really sucks. I'd like to recommend: The Automated Ban List TL. HwangjaeTerran Profile Blog Joined October That one is pretty long too, but the pause might make it seem longer than it actually is. No, that time stamp is not wrong. A long casino 888 hack is all well and good, but a long, boring match? Yeah, I meant the Korean pro's, but you wahrscheinlichkeit roulette verdoppeln link it anyway if you've got any link. Stork vs ggplay on that space map cant remember name was fun, but i dont star geims it was the longest. Sure records being broken are cool, but when you simply have a 1. HE WAS READING TWITCH CHAT DURING A GAME.

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July 29 - August 4 LotV Balance Update and Request For Feedback Scelight 6. Testie's Best Race [Question] Contemporary Zerg Build Orders [G] PvT engagement mini-guide Simple Questions, Simple Answers [G] BW ZvP - sAviOr Analysis. I'm also tired of hearing idiots go "don't let him lift off" or some other idiotic excuse for this obvious design flaw. Auto-Turrets combined with Point Defense Drones, which make his other units and the turrets tough to take down, make it nearly impossible for a Zerg player to break through without a lengthy war of attrition. Submit a new text post. longest starcraft game

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